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Show, Don’t Tell

Productivity advice often tells us to make time for personal activities that we love during the early morning hours or after the kids go to bed. This is understandable, given how busy we can often be after work and on the weekends. And we think that we are doing what is best for our kids. We believe what our kids need is intensive parenting; ensuring that we devote all of our waking hours outside of work to taking care of their needs.

But our kids don’t simply need endless hours of our 1 on 1 attention.

They need to see us doing activities that we love (even if we love spending time with them.)

In an interview many years ago, Fred Rogers explained his show by saying:

“I hope that it has given a few more honest adults.  If adults can show what they love in front of kids, they’ll be some child who says “I’d like to be like that!” I’d like to do that!”

“A great gift of any adult to a child is to love what you do in front of the child.  Let them catch the attitude that it’s fun.  Because you know that attitudes are caught, not taught.”

When is the last time that your kids saw an adult doing what they love?

When is the last time that your kids saw YOU doing what you love?

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