Creating Your Life


“The most creative people are also the most disciplined.  Structure liberates. We have to have a structure inside of which we can be wildly creative.”
– Glennon Doyle

Structure for yourself, and structure for the kids.

Trying to rely on a routine when there are kids involved is sometimes an exercise in futility.  Notice I said sometimes – not necessarily often.  I might have a story running through my head saying that “Getting up at 5am for time to myself wouldn’t work; my 2 year old sometimes wakes early if I try to wake up early.”  But if I really pay attention to what actually happens over time, I would find that she only wakes up like that 1 day out of 20.  But in my head, that 1 day become the norm and I use that as an excuse to not try at all.

(note: your child might genuinely be waking up at 5am, despite every method you’ve tried to keep them asleep.  It happens.  This is where specific tactics aren’t important; the underlying principle is – finding time alone at some point in your day and stick that routine.)

Sticking to routine and schedule is so critical because of course- one small thing can throw everything off.If I want to have my time for myself in the morning, I need to get up on time.  To get up on time, I need to go to bed on time. To go to bed on time, the kids need to be in bed on time.  To have them in bed on time, the evening kid schedule needs to go on time…etc etc.

Create a routine, and just do your best to stick to the structure. Nothing every totally goes to plan, but don’t use that as a reason not to start.

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