Creating Your Life


“the chores of the day kill the dreams of a lifetime.” – Melinda Gates

“The overwhelm…is not an epidemic of personal failures, of whiny moms unable to juggle work and home efficiently.  It’s a massive structural failure in society, and it’s holding everybody back.”- Brigid Schulte

Are you so exhausted – burned out from the minutae of everyday life- that you can’t even imagine life any other way?

It’s not your fault.

You didn’t get to this point because of your inability to prioritize, or an inability to be as productive as you think you should be.

You got to this point because you are living and working and parenting in a country that is set up to leave you like this. As a society, we do not support parents; we do not support kids; we do not support families and most of all – we do not support women.

Stop blaming yourself. Your exhaustion is not your fault.

But you can begin to change it. Slowly, and over time. You CAN have a better life.

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