Creating Your Life

This Is Your Brain

Your brain did not evolve to keep you happy.

It evolved to keep you alive, and your offspring alive.

Accordingly, your brain is highly resistant to change or anything that is even slightly new; the brain perceives this as risky.

Almost immediately after you start to think of doing something new, creative, or interesting, your brain will kick in with ways to keep you from pursing those ideas.

Stephen Pressfield calls this “The Resistance.”

There is something interesting about naming it.

And understanding that everyone experiences this. Everyone.

It took Oprah MONTHS to agree to do a Harvard Commencement speech, despite her billions of dollars in the bank and all her success. It was only after Stephen Pressfield explained The Resistance to her and told her about his understanding of it: “The more important a call to action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel about answering it.”

Once you understand what it is, you can work with it.

Understand that it never truly goes away.

And that your job is to sit down and do your work despite it.

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